> B.S. Computational Math, Arizona State University, 12/2019

> Associates in Science, Glendale Community College, 05/2018

> Associates in Arts, Glendale Community College, 05/2018


> Student Elected Project Manager, NASA Ascend, 08/2015-05/2016

> As the student-elected project manager in this paid internship, I collaborated with other students to design, build, and test hardware and software for a weather balloon experiment. Our weather balloon capsules contained a microcontroller to record telemetry and a sample of uv-resilient bacteria which was later compared to a control sample on the ground.


> I am currently looking for work involving web design/development, embedded systems programming, automation, or mathematical modeling.

> Some of my talents include HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Matlab, C++, Arduino, mathematical modeling, statistics

> To contact me please email